I’m going to very honest, I almost had a nervous breakdown when I saw the amount…

I’m going to very honest, I almost had a nervous breakdown when I saw the amount of comments on my chickpea curry yesterday ??. Thank you so so much for all the love ?? I’ve started trying to respond to all of them but I’m pretty sure I’m going to miss some. If I do, please forgive me, Instagram has made my account such that I can only respond to one person at a time so it’s almost inevitable I will miss one. So if I miss yours, please don’t think I don’t appreciate your comment, I really really do ?
A lot of you asked for the recipe for the chickpea curry I posted yesterday. I have a similar one in my ebook (link in bio ??). That said, I usually send my most requested recipes to my newsletter subscribers first. I will be sending out the recipe tomorrow so if you want it, go ahead and subscribe. Otherwise it will be on my blog at some point in the near future ?
Playing around with backdrops ? in my bowl is this yummy creamy fussiloni pasta with santorini tomatoes, and more ? because I’m swimming in them right now ? and lots of parsley because I just LOVE parsley. I think I’ll enter this bowl into @fitness_bianca #pastaparty101 ~
Have a beautiful evening lovelies! My daughter is 2 today so I’m treating myself to a glass of Rosé ?


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