It’s on days like today that I appreciate batch cooking at the weekend. Remember…


It’s on days like today that I appreciate batch cooking at the weekend. Remember the chickpeas I posted on Sunday morning? Well, here they are again and this time on toast with 🥑
Complex carbs✔️
Vitamin B6✔️
Satiation 😜✔️

There isn’t as much 🥑 as it looks, I’m just trying to use up what I have especially since I’m also cutting down on fats again. If you follow my other page @wellnesswithsomi you know I’ve been dealing with unusual-for-me bloating because I spent about 10 days eating way too much fat in my diet. I just don’t handle a high-fat diet anymore…I’m feeling much better now though 🙏🏽

As a side note and because this is one of my FAQ, a key reason why you maybe experiencing bloating on a plant-based diet is not chewing your food properly. I am actually guilty of this, I’m usually rushing to do something else after eating or doing something while eating so I don’t think I chew my food more than 5 times before swallowing – ridiculous I know.

The problem is that you can’t always get away with this when eating whole foods. There’s way too much fibre for that. You need to help your stomach out by chewing each mouthful at least 20-30 times so that your stomach is not overworked trying to digest large pieces of food. Usually those large pieces end up getting fermented by bacteria and that’s what causes the bloating, burping, and flatulence…
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