One mistake a lot of people make when it comes to breakfast is loading up on sug…

One mistake a lot of people make when it comes to breakfast is loading up on sugar and leaving out quality proteins and fat. If you find that despite eating breakfast at 8 am you are already starving by 10 am, this could be the reason for it. High sugar breakfasts spike your blood sugar levels, giving you a quick energy boost. Unfortunately, your sugar levels fall just as fast, causing you to feel hungry and lethargic within a couple of hours of eating.
The best way to avoid these peaks and troughs in sugar levels is by including quality proteins and fats in your breakfast. Protein and fat will keep you feeling fuller and satisfied for longer, and they will help you maintain stable blood sugar levels. In essence, you will have steady energy release throughout the morning, and you will not find yourself craving more sugar mid-morning.
French toasts have been on the menu in my home a lot recently, thanks to my son. I cooked them for him for the first time about a month ago and ever since then, he has asked for them almost every other day! Grab the recipe for my healthy French toast on my blog now by pasting this ? in your browser: or tap the ? in my bio. ~
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