This one is inspired by a traditional Nigerian bean fritter called ‘akara’. You …


This one is inspired by a traditional Nigerian bean fritter called ‘akara’. You make it by combining peeled raw brown beans with onions, salt, ? and water. Then it is deep fried and it is the most delicious thing ever even though it is so simple. If you don’t have time to peel the beans, you can also use bean flour and you get the same result.

I had Chickpea flour at home so I added salt, chilli, and garlic to mine and fried it just like a pancake. This tastes exactly the same as the traditional recipe but I think mine has a little more something to it because of the garlic. I could be biased but I love garlic so hey ?

Since the ‘pancakes’ are beans practically I decided to have a vegetable side with it. You already know me, I think savoury breakfasts are everything and if you’re starting your day with greens, I think you’re winning in life ?

So the side is just ‘stir-fried’ ?, ?, mushrooms with onions, garlic and a little vegetable broth to intensify the flavour. I sprinkled on some mixed seeds for good fats and extra fibre and I added some radish for crunch ?. I’ve literally just finished cooking this and I’m about to tuck in ?

I will work out the exact amount of each ingredient I used for the pancake and get back to you with a recipe. I have to admit that I was taught to cook without measuring things, my gut typically guides me ??‍♀️

Have an amazing Sunday my loves ?

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