cauliflower gnocchi, roasted Brussels, and asparagus


Late dinner over here but a good one 😍 Salmon, @traderjoes cauliflower gnocchi, roasted Brussels, and asparagus. Kind of a throw together any veggies in the fridge meal but it worked well together. Any meal that includes cauliflower gnocchi is a good one in my book 😉 Add it + salmon to any dinner and I’m in! ⠀
The key to getting it crispy: thaw it out beforehand by leaving it out on the counter for a bit or microwaving then sauté it in oil. Just ignore the package instructions because it’s so gross if you prepare it that way (in my opinion). What’s your go to meal?! 👇🏻 ⠀
food details 👉🏻 salmon coated with some salt, pepper, garlic powder, and a squeeze of lemon. Cooked for 3 minutes on each side over medium heat. Paired with asparagus baked for 15 mins at 400F with @traderjoes everyday seasoning on top. Leftover roasted Brussels (can’t remember exactly how they’re prepared). sautéed @traderjoes cauliflower gnocchi in avocado oil. Ate this meal way too fast




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