Easy way to organize your meal prep

Prep for success! Easy way to organize your meal prep ⬇️ Even if you’re not making this much food it can be helpful to break it down this way. I usually have 3 main meals (each with a protein, carb + some veggies) with 3 to 4 snacks through the day!⠀
◾Carbohydrates – Have jasmine rice + short grain brown rice, naan bread & apples ? My main carbs for lunches & dinners will be the rice. Have sprouted grain bread also ? for breakfast + the apples ⠀
◾Vegetables – Like to go with a lot of lower carb veggies for adding volume to meals ? Have green beans, peas, celery, peppers, cucumbers, and carrots ⠀
◾Protein – Eggs + egg whites are for breakfast ? with butter chicken and turkey zucchini meatballs for lunch and dinner⠀
◾Snacks – Always the best part ??‍♀️ Made muffins and energy bites + have nuts ready also ? Usually the snacks are where I get my healthy fats in!


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