Eating salads should be a celebration of the plant kingdom

Eating salads should be a celebration of the plant kingdom ? creating sexy dishes not only leads to more salvation (better digestion ??) BUT MORE sustainability to a LIFESTYLE of incorporating plants in every meal or even the whole damn meal ?⠀
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Who here thinks “eat more vegetables” is code for “eat a boring, tasteless salad”??? If you have a holiday goal of getting in more veggies, but don’t know how to make that happen for yourself (or your stubborn significant other?‍♂️) in a way that TASTES DELICIOUS, keep reading!⠀
We all know that vegetables are “good for us” and if we’re told to eat more of them for XYZ reasons, salads are usually the first thought for most people. The problem is, a LTC (lettuce, tomato, cucumber/carrot) salad is less than inspirational and first time veggie eaters see it as a watery side dish that will never satisfy their hunger ?‍♂️⠀
Creating tasty salad combos is great. They contain a mix of NUTRIENTS (veggies, carbs, protein, fats) to SATISFY his hunger, were bursting with FLAVOR (a homemade dressing was key), and had a mix of TEXTURES (raw greens, cooked veggies or starch, and something crispy/crunchy).⠀
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Busy day observing in clinic my fellow nutritional therapist students today.⠀
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