Miso Soup with with Mushrooms. For all of you out there who have never had miso …

Miso Soup with with Mushrooms. For all of you out there who have never had miso before, I highly suggest you buy some next time you are at the store. Miso is a mixture of soybeans and the mold koji that work together to ferment over a period of time to break down the beans into its fatty acids, sugars, and amino acids. It creates a paste that is unbelievable flavorful and produces a meaty, umami flavor that is practically a magic potion in cooking. You can add miso to a lot of dishes to deepen their flavor and give them a meatier flavor. .
The easiest way to introduce yourself to cooking with miso is miso soup. You cannot mess it up. Literally all you do is boil some vegetable stock and water and then melt a little bit of miso paste into it. I like to thinly slice a couple of mushrooms to give me something to chew on and green onions for an added flavor. It is the perfect food to eat when you’re in one of those “I’m not hungry but I want to eat” moods. A bowl of it is only 50 calories including the mushrooms and it’s good for you. It contains probiotics from the fermenting process ?? You could crack an egg into your boiling broth and turn it into egg drop soup for a more complete meal as well. I’ve said before that I don’t think eating when you’re bored has to be a bad thing. I do it all the time, especially when I’m in front of the TV. Mindless eating is fun and as long as you are being smart with your choices and keeping it within your daily targets, I don’t see a problem with it. Today is one of the best days of the year for me as it is Week 1 of The Bachelor. I can’t watch without something to snack on and I can tell you that I’ll be having a bowl of this soup at some point tonight. This soup is perfect for mindless eating because it’s healthy, easy and quick to make, and it takes a while to eat ??
Any Whole Foods will sell miso paste and most grocery stores in major cities will as well. Those of you in smaller, rural areas might struggle to find it but it is still fairly ubiquitous in the stores I’ve visited. If you can’t find it in your store, every Asian market will have it.
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