Roasted Turkey Breast with Cauliflower Purée for Lunch

Roasted Turkey Breast with Cauliflower Purée for Lunch from Book Number 1 and Asian Turkey Bowls for Dinner from Book Number 3 ??⠀
One way I like to get cauliflower into my dishes is to mash them up and mix them with a regular potato. Mashed cauliflower by itself is better than regular cauliflower but mixing it into potatoes makes it almost unnoticeable. Mashed cauliflower by itself doesn’t quite have enough body to it for me to leave it on it’s own. It’s almost like mush instead of a mash. So not only is the potato for flavor but it’s also to add body. The roasted carrots in this dish is also one of the only forms of vegetables I don’t hate. They get a sweetness to them during the roasting process and lose all of their crunch making them easier to eat. ⠀
The Asian Turkey Bowls are quickly becoming my go to meal when I need something to cook up for the week. They are super quick, only taking about 30 minutes to make a week’s worth of meals, and they are very flavorful. The carrots I use are shredded so i don’t have to worry about chopping or cooking because they will cook when I reheat the meal. If you wanted this meal to be higher in calories you could easily swap the turkey for beef and add more rice!



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