Weight Loss vs. Weight Gain with Turkey Sausage

Weight Loss vs. Weight Gain with Turkey Sausage Breakfast Skillet from Page 112 of The Meal Prep Manual-60 Minute Meals. One thing I’ve been trying to do with my breakfasts is to incorporate some more vegetables. Sausage is a great way to do that because the fat from the meat helps mask the flavor of the vegetables. In this dish I used shredded carrots and peppers. .⠀
On the weight loss side you can see a smaller serving of sausage and potatoes. This cuts down on some of the fat and a lot of the carbs from the potatoes. One easy way to decrease the calorie load of your breakfast while still maintaining some of the same flavor is to remove some of the yolks from your eggs. If you did a 3:1 egg white to yolk ratio you’ll get a much higher protein to fat ratio while still maintaining some of the fat and nutrients held in the yolk. .⠀
On the weight gain side there is a much larger portion of the potatoes and sausage. I also decrease the serving of eggs just because if you keep it the same it gets to be a large amount of food. When I’m making my meals more weight gain friendly I like to lean on carbs for adding the extra calories. I find extra carbs sit better in my stomach than extra fat does. Carbs are also helpful when you are trying to gain weight because it will help you out in the gym to ensure you have enough energy for your workouts



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