Alcohol generally falls into the category of ‘shoot I need to give up’ when star…

Alcohol generally falls into the category of ‘shoot I need to give up’ when starting a new fitness programme ? This is generally for three reasons;⠀

1. Alcohol can be pretty calorific. Of course, fat-loss is just one goal in the wide spectrum of #fitness – but if it is yours, regular w-a-v-e-y nights out can make it a little tricky to stay in a calorie deficit ?⠀

2. Similarly, when we’re w-a-v-e-y, we often get peckish for a gourmet burger from the local chip van (*anecdotal evidence*)⠀

3. And when we’re hungover, our food choices aren’t generally going to be in the interest of what’s most nutritious. And likelihood of moving off the couch is reduced.⠀

The lesser-talked about one is that alcohol does actually negatively impacts ‘muscle protein synthesis’ (aka muscle repair / muscle growth / ‘gainz’)⠀

Does this mean you shouldn’t drink alcohol if you want to drink alcohol? Absolutely not ? The social benefits and ‘life-gainz’ made from going out with your mates is definitely an element of ‘health’ in my eyes.⠀

It’s just perhaps something to practice moderation with. Whether that’s switching to a clear spirit and diet soda (arguably a little easier), limiting the number of drinks you have (arguably a little harder), or just reducing the amount you’re going out getting wasted in general ?⠀

So yeah. Alcohol can be a little difficult to practice moderation, predominantly because it looks like THIS *swipe left* after 4 drinks. But it’s certainly do-able (if that suits your goal and values, of course ?)⠀
Credit: @thefashionfitnessfoodie✨

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