‘Balance’ in my opinion is a highly overrated word. There are instances where th…

‘Balance’ in my opinion is a highly overrated word. There are instances where this word makes sense and other instances where I think it is a waste of time. For some, balance is the key freedom, and to others it is the beginning of long-term suffering.

Some of us need to be really strict about our objectives to get to where we want to be, others can be lax and still achieve what they need to. In essence, the word balance does not fit seamlessly into all of our lives. One thing we all seem to forget is that we are all very individual and unique. I mean even identical twins that come from the same fertilised egg have distinct differences….need I say more?

Bottom line, one size NEVER fits all. •
If balance is your buzz word and you thrive with it, keep doing your thang! If balance is not working for you, don’t sweat it. It is not for you, do what works there are many other alternatives.

It’s a green salad bowl with mixed baby leaves, ?, cherry ?, and peas. Topped with a homemade vinaigrette and some nooch ?#

#vegansalad #lightlunch #summersalad


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