Diet culture teaches us we should “eat for fuel”. Yeah ok – we can also only hav…

Diet culture teaches us we should “eat for fuel”. Yeah ok – we can also only have sex to procreate, only bathe in cold water when absolutely necessary, only work and never have a break, do not partake in social media, never have a glass of wine again, never get a break from your kids (mama you need that), never enjoy a leisurely latte with a friend at your favorite coffee shop, never have a piece of birthday cake…. do we need to keep going?⠀
Diet culture has taught us that food is bad and we should keep it to a minimum and eat only what is functionally necessary, where do we do that elsewhere in life? Literally no where.⠀

You know you have like 5 purses and 10 pairs of shoes – all unnecessary.⠀
You know being on Instagram right now is not needed to live right?⠀
Except you do these things, because they’re enjoyable and nourishing in other ways.⠀

What kind of life do you want? One of function and robotic rigidity, or one of flexibility enjoyment AND nourishment??⠀
We are here to teach you how to live real life in a way that honors your body.⠀

We are not here to help you live a life of rules, regulations, guilt and shame…. you’ve done that long enough quite frankly.⠀

Stop feeling guilty for enjoying things – especially food.⠀
You can learn to do it in a way that leads you to a place of wellness without the obsession.⠀
It’s time for a life that is fun to live!⠀

Be sure to get on the The UnDiet Academy waitlist if you want this life we are talking about. (Link in bio).⠀
Doors open again November 12th.⠀

Which thing do you not want to live without?? Much love, Lauren and Jenna .⠀
By @thebodylovesociety⠀
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My name is Bette. I'm a 34 year old female from Turkey. My occupation is a website designer and I work from a home office. I have struggled with my weight since puberty. Still figuring out.

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