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So, here’s the dealio with alcohol and losing weight…
⠀ Is alcohol good for you (physically ?)? Not really, especially not in excessive amounts ❌

Is drinking going to help you see better weight loss results? Not a bit ❌…

Do you have to drink alcohol? Nope ❌

Do you have to avoid it entirely when you’re losing weight? Absolutely not! ✅

When it comes down to it, alcohol is nothing more than extra calories… (when you see all kind of angry folks hootin’ and hollerin’ in the comment section, remember that I’m talking about WEIGHT LOSS — not necessarily optimal health ?)

Now, the problem with liquid calories is they aren’t very filling ?. What’s more, alcohol calories are void of nutrients, and if you drink too many in place of fruit ?, veggie ?, and protein calories ?, you’re pretty much guaranteed to experience a host of undesirable physical & mental side effects ?…

But similar to things like cookies and cake, it’s totes okay to enjoy alcohol in moderate & controlled amounts ??

Something you wanna watch out for, though, are sneaky calories that come packed inside many alcoholic drinks?. For example, you might think “one margarita” won’t hurt, but even one can have upwards of 500+ calories! Especially if you’re ordering it from a restaurant.

HERE’S YOUR FIX ✅: if you’re going to drink alcohol — and want to keep the calories as low as possible — opt for liquor + a zero-calorie mixer.

When I’m just having on drink, I prefer a Moscow Mules, which is still relatively low in calories. When I plan on drinking 2-3+ drinks, I go with vodka/tequila + club soda or a (good) whiskey on the rocks ??

Oh, here’s another benefit of drinking liquor + a low-cal mixer…

Not only do you get the same (if not more) alcohol for fewer calories — it’s also much easier to pace yourself.

At least that’s true for me ?‍♂️. I can comfortably sip on three vodka sodas over the course of an entire night whereas I’d suck down a margarita in 2-3 minutes, especially if I have enough chips & queso to that need washing down ?

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My name is Bette. I'm a 34 year old female from Turkey. My occupation is a website designer and I work from a home office. I have struggled with my weight since puberty. Still figuring out.

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