Here are Five Meal Plan ideas for the new week *Swipe to see all! Calories + rec…

Here are Five Meal Plan ideas for the new week✨?✨ *Swipe to see all! Calories + recipes below :] x

How to Stay on Track..
Create a list of recipes you like.
..The more you prepare them, the more familiar of their calories | macros you become, and you can easily estimate if they fit in your meal plan on a particular day or not?
This can help you stay motivated + accountable.

?DAY1️⃣ = 2178 Calories
BREAKFAST 1 – fried eggs,?, 1/2?, ?,?+?
BREAKFAST 2 – protein oatmeal,chia seeds,?,?+pb
SNACK 1 – protein muffin+fruit
LUNCH – ? salmon cream cheese ?rolls
SNACK 2 – cottage cheese,?+cashews.
DINNER – giant whole wheat tortilla,?, spinach, ?, grilled turkey, cherry ? ⠀

?DAY2️⃣ = 1831 Calories
BREAKFAST 1 – coffee +? BREAKFAST 2 – 4 scrambled eggs?+?
LUNCH – peppers stuffed with quinoa, ?, avocado oil, onion, garlic,?+?
POST WORKOUT MEAL – whole wheat spaghetti, home made bolognese beef, onion, garlic,?, oil, fresh basil+herbs?
POST WORKOUT MEAL – ?,?, asparagus,?, oil,?
DINNER – whole wheat bread, ham, spinach, ?+?

?DAY3️⃣ = 2214 Calories
BREAKFAST – protein?, cashews, yoghurt+?
SNACK 1 – protein smoothie+cashews
LUNCH – Chipotle inspired bowl with rice, beef,?+vegetable salsa?,?, parsley
SNACK 2 – protein cookie
DINNER – ??, whole wheat bread,butter+?
DESSERT – Ben&Jerry’s Topped Strawberry??Swirled Ice Cream?

?DAY4️⃣ = 2243 Calories
BREAKFAST – protein chia oatmeal, ?,?+pb
SNACK 1 – protein shake while hiking
LUNCH – ? lasagna,? , mushrooms, onion,?, cottage cheese,mozzarella, broccoli on side.
SNACK 2 – tortilla,?,?,?,?
SNACK – bread,?,?,?+spinach

?DAY5️⃣ = 1959 Calories
BREAKFAST – protein chia oatmeal,?,?+almonds
SNACK 1 – cottage cheese,?+peanuts
LUNCH – ?❤️?
SNACK 2 – Chocolate @lennyandlarrys
POST WORKOUT – whey protein
DINNER – grilled turkey, quinoa,?,?+?

Which Meal Plan is your favourite.. Day 1-5?
Created by @nessasphere and @caloriefixes
Happy Weekend ❤️
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