Letting go of greens today and serving you red . I was craving vegetables today,…


Letting go of greens today and serving you red ?. I was craving vegetables today, so I made a super simple {oil-free} vegetable curry and served it with cauliflower ? and beans. The recipe for this curry will be on my blog tomorrow.
I’ve been getting a lot of questions recently about the difference between plant-based and vegan so I thought I’d dedicate my caption to that today. Note that this is the way I define it, some people may disagree. ~
Plant-based: A way of eating that is based on fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds with few or no animal products. A plant-based diet is ideally vegan, but sometimes it is not.

Vegan: A way of eating that completely excludes all animal protein including, fish, poultry, meat or insects. Vegans avoid all animal meats and foods made by animals including dairy and honey. Honey is a bit controversial as some vegans eat it and others don’t. Vegans also avoid purchasing products that contain animal products such as fur, leather, cosmetics, etc.

Raw vegan: A vegan diet that consists of uncooked dehydrated foods.

Flexitarian: A plant-based diet that includes the occasional consumption of meat or fish.

What are you? Plant-based, vegan, raw vegan, flexitarian or prefer not to put yourself in a box ? I •
Happy Monday peeps #vegandinner #veganlunch #healthyvegan




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