Silly Vs. Smart ….. *Swipe and see below for 6 Smart Food Ideas to Help you …


🍽 Silly Vs. Smart 🍽 ….. *Swipe and see below for 6 Smart Food Ideas to Help you Reach your Health Goals💪✨💖✨

Have you ever skipped carbs at breakfast?
Having a balanced breakfast, including carbs can help you focus and feel more satisfied before lunch.

Salads don’t have to suck!
Adding healthy fats (avocado, oils) will create a more nourishing and satisfying meal☺️You need fat to digest the fat soluble vitamins in the salad. So eating plain carrots won’t do you a whole lot of good if you’re hoping to absorb all that vitamin A.

Your body is so much smarter than any dieting tricks – inc the carbonated water 💦 trick, to trick your body into forgetting it’s hungry. The only way to curb hunger and cravings is to satisfy them without guilt and move on with your day. The more restrictions, the more likely you’re going to #binge on the very food you were trying to avoid.

If you want a salad, have one! However, if you’re truly craving something else, have whatever that is. Ignoring what you really want may only lead to bingeing later on😌

Enjoy a well balanced meal, and you won’t be feeling hungry later on. Your body NEEDS nutrients – ENJOY THEM🙌🏻

Only YOU know what’s best for your body.
You have the right to enjoy your meal, without guilt or shame, and without thinking how long it would take to burn those calories off. Work on learning to trust yourself around food as this will give you the freedom to enjoy Holiday meals and move on with your day🌸

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