WARNING: A food can SOUND good It can even LOOK good But much to your surpris…


⚠️ WARNING: A food can SOUND good ✅ It can even LOOK good ✅ But much to your surprise it can be highly calorie dense ❌
Even if a food ‘sounds’ like a good option or a good choice for fat loss – it doesn’t mean it always is… 💡 Why have we chosen to compare a highly nutrient dense poke bowl 🍲 with McNuggets 🍗and fries 🍟 ⁉️To simply show you calorically the high cost of a meal like this that while nutrient dense is not portion controlled and is loaded with high calorie ingredients. This calorie intake is what your body sees – as well as macronutrients (so protein 🍗, fats 🥑 and carbs 🥖) and micronutrients (vitamins 🥦 and minerals 🍎) it sees CALORIES. Calories are energy, too much energy more so than you are burning = FAT GAIN: regardless of where that energy is coming from. If you’re eating more and burning less calorically, no matter if you’re only consuming nutrient dense foods you will STILL gain weight. Calories matter and are recognised by your body. Some foods even though they may seem healthy or are trending, it might not be the best choice when trying to lose weight. –
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