Which would you prefer?Although I am a firm advocate of flexible dieting and c…

Which would you prefer?

Although I am a firm advocate of flexible dieting and consuming “anything in moderation”, I do still feel very strongly about weekend alcohol intake as I know first-hand that this is likely the cause of so many diet failures out there.

Now, while I am not going to go into yet another entire post about how easy it is to “cancel out” your hard-earned weekly deficit on your weekend (I’m sure you already know what I am talking about), the goal of this post was to simply make you more AWARE that, calories don’t just come from food and that, the wine, beer, vodka that you are consuming tonight, likely has far more than you perceive it to have.

Remember, alcohol contains 7kcal/g (Traversy 2015) thus, while if consumed in moderation, can “fit” into your lifestyle with relative ease, IF ABUSED, has the ability to shift you into EXTREME surpluses of calories and thus cause you to store any carbohydrates and fats that you consume directly as fat tissue due to alcohol taking priority no.1 when it comes to metabolism (Siler et al 1999). Studies even show that is one of the main contributors to weight gain by promoting excess energy consumption with a lack of satiety (DiMeglio & Mattes 2000 Pan & Hu 2011, Tieken 2008).

Furthermore, alcohol is associated with increases in ghrelin, the main “hunger hormone” (Röjdmark et al 2001) thus, not only could you be consuming 1600kcal worth of liquid calories tonight, but then “binge” on further “FOOD calories” and thus shift you into an even LARGER calorie surplus.

Think about it, for some petite females, 1640kcal worth of vodka alone (no food) could be their entire DAILY requirement. Add another 2000+kcal from the pizza they consume when they get home from the club along with what they have already consumed PRIOR in the day before going out and you can see just how easy it is to have a day comprising of 4, 5, 6, 7000+ calories which, as you know is likely only repeated tomorrow.
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