Are you able to consume fruit at the Dukan diet?

Fruit inside the attack and Cruise stages

Many individuals who are following the Dukan food plan or who’re thinking about following the Dukan diet to lose weight, locate it tough to understand why the simplest end result allowed within the weight loss levels of the Dukan diet are rhubarb and goji berries.

This lack of fruit in the weight loss plan, of path, flies within the face of the reputable fitness facts we had been subjected to over a large quantity of years which has recommended us all to increase the quantity of fruit and vegetables that we consume. The hassle with eating extra fruit and greens is that now not all fruit and greens are the same and most folks when faced with the selection consuming of a serving of veggies or a serving of fruit to make our weight-reduction plan extra wholesome will selected the serving of fruit and possibly the sweeter the fruit the better.

Fruit incorporates herbal sugar in a shape which our our bodies can swiftly assimilate and the reality that the sugar is natural doesn’t stop it from being a carbohydrate which the Dukan diet looks to minimize in order that will help you lose weight. take into account that the Dukan eating regimen has been designed by Dr Dukan to be:

high in protein
Low in carbohydrates
Low in fat
Low in sugar
Low in salt
Dr Dukan has selected the 2 end result that he does allow very carefully due to their individual properties.

Rhubarb could be very low in natural sugar and it’s miles very beneficial in helping to combat the constipation problem that many fans of the Dukan eating regimen often stumble upon. Rhubarb is one of the 28 veggies added in the Cruise section.
Goji berries simplest allowed as a tolerated item however their rich nutritional content material can make a very treasured contribution. Goji berries are excessive in crucial fatty acids, together with linoleic acids and are one of the richest herbal meals assets of antioxidants, containing even greater beta-carotene than carrots. in addition they include the minerals selenium, iron, manganese, magnesium and zinc and vitamins B, polysaccharides and amino acids.

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Fruit inside the Consolidation phase

while you reach your target weight and circulate into the Consolidation section you are then allowed to feature one low sugar serving of fruit every day.

Bananas, dried fruit, grapes and cherries are off limits due to the fact they’re too high in sugar.
Nuts aren’t allowed as they are too excessive in fat.
The end result which Dr Dukan indicates to your every day serving in order of preference are:

Kiwi fruit


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