15 minute bowl for lunch

15 minute bowl for lunch ? Easy baked shrimp + sautéed zoodles + a huge mound of mashed avo ? What more do you need?! Threw together this epic spicy zoodle bowl in between running last minute errands ?? The next few days are non stop Christmas parties + traveling so I wanted to finish up last minute stuff today ? Too bad I haven’t started wrapping yet…. anyone else going to be up late tonight?! ? If there were one thing I could change about myself, it would be my procrastination tendencies ? But luckily even though I didn’t find the time to wrap gifts ?, I managed to find the time to make a lunch bowl ? ⠀
Switched up my seafood game with shrimp instead of salmon today ??I always bake my shrimp because it’s so much easier + less mess! Just takes 15 mins. Used easy @traderjoes chili lime seasoning on this and it’s soooo good ? Paired with zoodles sautéed in a little avocado oil + allll the avo- it was a simple but great lunch! ⠀
I also rounded up my favorite Christmas breakfast recipes on my blog ? Link in my stories and my bio if you want to check that out! I’m over at Eli’s, we just got back from an evening walk with Tippy ?, now we’re watching football and eating with his family ❤️ Happy Sunday!! ⠀
lunch details ?? Baked shrimp ? at 400F for 15 mins with @traderjoes chili lime seasoning sprinkled on top + zoodles cooked for 3-4 mins in avocado oil and topped with red pepper flakes + 1/2 mashed avocado + tomatoes + jalapeños ?



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