Fried Eggs & Avocado Toast

?? Fried Eggs & Avocado Toast ? Early wake-up and casual breakfast before heading to work for the day! Hope you have a great Wednesday guys ?⠀
?? Toasts d’Avocat & Oeufs au Plat ? Réveil matinal du coup petit déjeuner complet ce matin avant de filer au boulot ! Bonne soirée à tous ?⠀
Details ? @regentspark_food wholewheat English muffins topped with 1) @naturalia_magasins_bio avocado ? and 2) dairyfree cream cheese + fried eggs ? + @alain_milliat herbs + sesame seeds + black pepper and some sauteed spinash leaves ?


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My name is Bette. I'm a 34 year old female from Turkey. My occupation is a website designer and I work from a home office. I have struggled with my weight since puberty. Still figuring out.

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