sweet potato toast

Toast Tuesday with sweet potato toast because is there any better way to do it?! ? Topped sweet and savory because you’ve always got to have both ? Used 1/2 of a Japanese sweet potato and sliced it pretty thin because I like having more room for toppings ? If you want it to be more toast like- slice them thicker! Either way you can’t go wrong ?? -⠀
I’ve been obsessed with crunchy almond butter lately too ? It’s hard sometimes trying to decide what to be picky about when it comes to buying good quality products but nut butter is one of those for me that I always make sure isn’t packed with chemicals/sugar ? Aldi has great organic Pb (their almond butter has added sugar) for a good price or wait for cashew/almond butter to go on sale at local stores and stock up! Also you can make your own if you’re feeling fancy ?? Make sure you still look at the label even if it says “natural” because I bought natural pb for a long time but it still had added chemicals and I didn’t realize it ? An easy switch to make to clean up your cabinet! Anyways- devoured this 10 minute breakfast post workout today ?? Happy Tuesday ❤️ -⠀
breakfast details ?? 1 Japanese sweet potato sliced into 1/5s, I ate 3 this morning. Topped one with 1/2 avo + an egg friend in avo oil with red pepper flakes and one with @woodstockfoods crunchy almond butter, bananas, and cinnamon, and then one not pictured with sautéed kale and brussel sprouts

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