Are you used to eating past the point of fullness or feel the need to clean your…

?Are you used to eating past the point of fullness or feel the need to clean your plate? Maybe you instinctually do it and don’t even realize you’re full until it’s too late?

?Usually overeating can become a habit and it’s very common. If you’ve ever struggled with it, you’re not alone! I’m sure you’ve experienced it, maybe at parties, weddings or events where food and drink gathers us together.

?Occasional overeating isn’t a problem as long as you get back on track. But, it can be problematic when you experience reoccurring episodes.

?It can affect fat loss progress and if you are experiencing these regularly, I recommend trying to find out why it’s happening and consider asking for help if you can’t solve it alone!

Fortunately, there are some strategies I’d recommend if you find yourself constantly overeating!

?Sit down at the table. Don’t munch until your seated and have taken a deep breathe.
?Eat without distraction. This will help you recognize fullness easier.
?Put your utensils down between bites. Basically this just slows ya down and prevents you from inhaling your food.
?Take 20 minutes to eat. You can more easily recognize when fullness approaches and appreciate the meal.
?Eat fibrous foods. High fiber foods fill you up and are harder to overeat.
?Chew. A lot! And try to eat until you’re only 80% full. Your brain won’t recognize you’re full until 15-20 minutes after the fact, so try not to eat until you’re 100% full!

?As always, breaking the habit may not be easy at first. It most likely won’t vanish overnight, but if you’re patient, work on it one meal at a time, and focus on getting better at understanding your body and hunger cues, you can (and will) make progress!
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