Let me set the record straight- coffee is amazing in any form. But as a self-pro…


Let me set the record straight- coffee is amazing in any form. But as a self-proclaimed cold brew snob, I feel it is very important to remind you that cold brew and iced coffee are NOT the same thing.⠀

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Iced coffee is simply regular coffee poured over ice. It can be drip, pour over, french press, whatever! It’s incredibly easy to make, since you simply need to add ice, but I do have a few issues with iced coffee.⠀

When lots of coffee shops serve you iced coffee, they simply pour hot coffee directly over ice, resulting in watered down coffee. Or worse, a ton of places will refrigerate unsold coffee and serve is it as iced coffee the following day. Blech.⠀

My other issue with iced coffee is that it’s more expensive that regular coffee. When all is said and done, you’re actually getting less coffee than when you order it hot because of all of the ice. Pretty sure there’s a major conspiracy there.⠀

Onto my baby, cold brew. More than just a fad, it is truly the best coffee in my opinion. Cold brew is made by steeping ground coffee in water for up to 24 hours (but 16 hours is the sweet spot). By slowly steeping the coffee, you actually remove all of the acidity and bitterness of regular coffee. The result is a smooth, bold, and slightly sweet flavor. Plus, the extra strength of cold brew is the perfect afternoon pick-up on a hot summer day.⠀

It makes sense that cold brew is expensive- not only is it very time consuming to make (even though you can set it and forget it) it also requires much more coffee grounds to produce than hot coffee.⠀

The moral of this story is that while cold brew and iced coffee are different, they’re both still coffee. And coffee is amazing. Always.⠀
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