via @lucymountain @thefashionfitnessfoodie Just incase you needed this reminder…

via @lucymountain @thefashionfitnessfoodie
Just incase you needed this reminder…

❤ via @lucymountain @thefashionfitnessfoodie
Just incase you needed this reminder – no-one ever survived a terrible break up without the help of Ben and Jerry.⠀

‘Emotional eating’ tends to fall into the category of shit-people-feel-pressured-to-stop-doing-to-be-fitness. (Alongside beige food and having a fully functioning social life.)⠀

I thought I’d give you my unsolicited thoughts;⠀

1. Food is engrained in most cultures. Eating when we are feeling emotive is a very, very natural part of the way we live our lives today. Generally speaking, this is not a ‘condition’ we need to fix.⠀

2. There’s this trend I’m seeing lately preaching ‘FooD iS FueL’. Whilst I mostly agree and I think it has good intentions, it can indirectly created guilt around eating for short-term enjoyment. Because sure, consuming food means we can survive. But we have taste buds Simon. And food is bloody delicious. 🙃🙃🙃 There is categorically nothing wrong with eating food because it brings us pleasure. (I’d say it’s more problematic if you’re eating food you hate.)⠀

3. And when times get tough, there are far, far worse things you could do than use food as a temporary coping mechanism.⠀

I think it’s also v relevant to say *of course* there are exceptions to this. Solely relying on food for happiness for a prolonged period of time, bingeing regularly to the point of discomfort and overwhelming feelings of being ‘out of control’ around food are not things to be brushed off with a well-meaning instagram caption. ⠀
But ordering up a dominoes because you’ve had an exceptionally bad day at work, or eating a tub ice cream because you’re having a shitty break up can be pretty wonderful tool (alongside other things) to have in your metaphorical feel-good toolbox. Which is a privilege not everyone gets.⠀

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