Which would you choose? Let’s talk about smart food choices for weight loss…….


Which would you choose?

Let’s talk about smart food choices for weight loss….To lose weight you need to create a NEGATIVE energy balance (Romieu et al 2017). This can be achieved via increasing energy expenditure, decreasing energy intake or a mix of both however, ultimately, once energy expenditure exceeds energy intake, a state of negative energy balance occurs & the consequence is a loss of bodymass with 60-80% usually coming from fat (Hill & Commerford 1996). However, a common side effect that arises from creating this deficit is HUNGER, often referred to as “homeostatic hunger’ (Rogers & Brunstorm 2016)(after all, you are technically “starving” yourself of energy) & though it sounds easy to just eat less & move more, for many it’s very difficult to fight the urge to eat & thus many will cave, “cancel out” the necessary deficit & thus fail to lose weight. This is where volume foods come in.

A huge part of satiation/fullness is related to the degree of gastric distension (Cummings & Overduin 2007) ie. the amount your stomach is filled/pushed out. Gastric distension is sensed by mechanoreceptor neurons in the stomach & then relayed to the brain via the vagal & spinal sensory nerves (Ritter 2004) telling it that you are full & thus stimulating the termination of a meal. Therefore, as a dieter, gastric distension is highly beneficial to increase fullness & reducing food intake.

Therefore, as you can see from the pic, although you could get 100kcal from 1 chocolate chip cookie, you could also get it from a whole 300g of watermelon which, as a dieter will likely be a better option as it will allow to increase distension with MINIMAL kcals. Latner et al (2008 & 2009) even showed high volume, low energy density foods to decrease hunger, desire to eat, excitement about eating, desire for dessert & loss of control over eating in women with binge-eating disorders vs those in a lower volume, higher energy density food group showing the complete opposite ie. greater energy intake, desire for dessert & loss of control over eating so volume is KEY.

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