A little break from a recipe post for a photo of my man @chancythevegan & I! A l…

A little break from a recipe post for a photo of my man @chancythevegan & I! A little over 5 years of love with this incredible, loving & beautiful human being. I’m not an expert at relationships but here’s what Iv learned… (A little disclaimer I am extremely blessed and I wish I could clone a chancy for everyone ?)
Honestly if JUST love was enough in a relationship I think SO many would be together for ever. Truth is, relationships are WORK! Especially if you start to date as teenagers and take on maneuvering adulthood together. Taking on your 20’s can be confusing, terrifying and a ton to handle, you’re constantly changing and blossoming into who you’re meant to be. So doing it with your first love could be a beautiful mess but hey make it work❣️
Have respect for one another when you’re happy, sad & yes… even when you’re mad as hell. Always have respect.
COMMUNICATE! Sad, upset, angry, unsatisfied? TALK. Not to others about it but with your partner. Even if it takes hours on end, never go to sleep upset.
Support each other’s passions. Even if they’re so incredibly different from yours. Be unconditionally supportive and be each other’s number one fans. Oh and lastly act like kids. Chancy and I still act like we are teenagers at times… acting completely ridiculous just to see who can make one another laugh harder. We have the most fun on the couch together, tv off & just being our complete weirdo selves. #vegan #vegancouple #couples #vegans


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