BUILDING A NUTRITIOUS BOWL Clients often share with me that their biggest barri…


BUILDING A NUTRITIOUS BOWL ✨ Clients often share with me that their biggest barrier to eating nutritious foods is time, and trust me, I couldn’t relate more. My recommendations alway depends on that specific individual, but in general, I’ve always found that relying on nourishing bowls to be the easiest, QUICK way to feel full, satisfied and content after a meal. I love building bowls because the flavour profile can totally depend on what ingredients I choose to put in them that day, meaning I’m always listening to my tastebuds. I’ve found a simple combination of plant-based protein, whole grains, and vegetables with a delicious sauce to be an easy way to ensure you’re hitting all the categories that will keep you satisfied, while also giving that flavour and crunchy that we want 🙌🏼.
Here are some of my favourite go-tos for each category, but remember to change this up based on YOUR specific preferences! 🌿.
PLANT-BASED PROTEIN: chickpeas, black beans (or any other bean), lentils, tofu, tempeh, edamame ✨.
WHOLE GRAINS: Brown rice, oatmeal, whole wheat pasta, quinoa, buckwheat ✨.
VEGGIES: Literally ANY veggie that you love! ✨.
SAUCES: Get my three favourite EASY vegan sauces under my ‘Ebook’ highlight! ✨.
If you’re looking for more personalized nutrition care or meal ideas, feel free to book a FREE 15 minute discovery call at the link in my bio under ‘nutrition counseling’ 💛




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