I’ve just taken the last dose of my seven-week vitamin D3 prescription, and I’ve…

I’ve just taken the last dose of my seven-week vitamin D3 prescription, and I’ve also booked my next blood test appointment to check that my vitamin D levels are back up to standard.?? all is well ??

I don’t want to develop the same issues again so I’ve been very proactive and I’ve been researching vegan vitamin D3 supplements. I’m currently deciding between two brands, once I make a firm decision, I’ll be sure to share ?.

I’m still eating lots of mushrooms and other fortified foods (plant-based milk and yoghurt mainly) to give me a dietary boost. By the way, if you rely on mushrooms for vitamin D, note that they’re not all specially treated for vitamin D. I’ve found that only brown (chestnut and large flat) mushrooms have the vitamin D sticker, so I’ve been eating them a lot.

If you live in a tropical region where sunshine is in abundance, you may not have to worry too much about vitamin D. Just make sure you’re getting at least 20 mins of direct sun, 30+ minutes if you have dark skin like me. Your skin should be exposed entirely aka no sunscreen. The UV rays you need can’t penetrate through glass, you literally need to sunbathe!

Today I made pasta with a new mushroom stroganoff recipe. This one is cream free. I need to test this recipe a few more times before I share it with you ? Have you noticed that I can’t eat pasta without peas? So strange.. ?

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